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My style of therapy is a harmonious flow between you and me. I hope to help you get in touch with yourself to better understand how can you can live the best life for you. Inspired by Carl Jung, I believe each & every one of us have the answers within, my aim is to help unveil the solution ; to lift the wall & arrive at what's been there all along. It's not in my knowledge but in my helping you to see your whole truth that you will develop yourself & thus relationships with others. 

How do you want to live your life & what does a dream life for you look like?

Changes, big or small, are not always easy-- especially when they require work. Sometimes though, small changes in our everyday lives can make all the difference for our overall well-being. Burnout or stress from work, for example, is extremely common in our fast-paced society where we spend the majority of our time at work. Whether its deciding to commit to not working more than 8 hours a day, or making the commitment to try to sleep at least 7 hours a night, or promising ourselves to take breaks during work- incorporating positive shifts for ourselves gives the message to us and those around us that our needs matter.  If the change we need to make is to help ease anxiety, little rituals as I like to call them, can make a world of difference: taking two minutes to just BREATHE- whether it be two minutes devoted to breathing first thing in the morning, right before you go to sleep, or right at the anxious or stressful moments where you need it most, it will help you become centered and more relaxed. This can take many forms: just focusing on the inhales and exhales, counting our breaths, counting to a count of 5 as we inhale and count of 5 as we exhale, a body scan to check for tension, and many more. 


Putting our needs at the top of our priority list is key to leading a better life but not always easy when we are not in touch with ourselves enough to even know what those needs, or wishes, are. So firstly, take some quiet time alone to look within and listen to your intuition: what do you really want in life? Once you feel you have an idea of what you want, write it down. That's the first step on the path to self discovery or self love/care-- getting to know yourself, consciously and purposefully.


Don't forget to breathe :) 

Here's a guest post of mine on Get Help Israel's website about dreams!

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